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untitled 2

untitled 2

PriceFrom $4,500.00

Exclusive numbered reproduction limited to only 25 units of original artwork “untitled 2” hand signed by artist with certificate of authenticity. Manufactured in clear acrylic and high-grade composite materials under strict control and quality standards in high resolution. Ready to hang!

  • Special care instructions:

    For cleaning, use a soft cotton or microfiber clean, damp, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth without applying pressure. To avoid permanently damaging the acrylic, do not use solvents, detergents and/or common window washing solutions. It is recommended to use gloves, made out of cotton or any other smooth material, for handling the piece. This product has been manufactured by hand, and was designed exclusively for use in interior settings. In case of storage, place facing up over a rigid and flat surface that provides support to the whole piece. Do not place heavy objects over the artwork or make contact with solid materials on the surface. Keep the piece in conditions that do not exceed 95°F and prevent abrupt changes in temperature. Do not expose for prolonged periods to direct sunlight that might cause overheating and expanding the materials. Keep dry and away from high humidity environments that may cause damage to the base by absorption.

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